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The REACH Museum

June 29 - October 21, 2016.

The REACH Museum
1943 Columbia Park Trail
Richland, WA 99352
Sun & Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 10:00AM-4:30PM


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Particles on the Wall 2nd edition from Healthy World Press


The blue hills rose into an even bluer sky

banked beyond reactors splitting atoms,

the cores lit a luminescent blue, power spun

like delicate threads, turbines

gorged with charge and plutonium cast

for the missiles readied in cornfield's silos.


The storage tanks' cracked hulls

leak through the earth, the plume honing

for water, while rabbits' radioactive scat

marks the dusty ground.  Workers toil

to turn the hot waste

into glass -- immutable yet destined to tick

beneath the Geiger counter's metal hand.


In the Horse Heaven Hills, countryside once taken

for a bombing range, our dog took to the wind,

lost beneath the uncaptured sky.

On New Year's Eve, fog slips


across the scarred hills, the Doomsday clock

stays at five minutes till midnight.

We watch the second hand's sweep,

lean towards heat, the fire's spit

and raise our crackling flutes.



            -- Nancy Dickeman