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The REACH Museum

June 29 - October 21, 2016.

The REACH Museum
1943 Columbia Park Trail
Richland, WA 99352
Sun & Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 10:00AM-4:30PM


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Particles on the Wall 2nd edition from Healthy World Press




After a summer of calm and heat

the pink calla lily's one bloom

curled under, the day has fallen

to wind and water, the lake's still sheen

overcome with concentric crests.  A crowd

has gathered in remembrance, Hiroshima

and Nagasaki caught beneath their tongues

fusion of history and the unspeakable

moment when light shattered

the city, a man pushing a cart turned


to shadow, a figure wrapped around a huge cup

as though the skeleton

were indelible, the image burnished

into the stone path.  There is no

absolution only sorrow,  lanterns set in the water

with hope the dead may rest.  The crowd lines

the dock lowering the lit boxes

into the lake, the ramp glowing with candlelight

and the bent shapes.  I have sent mine off

with shared wishes for the past and future,


time's culmination.  The thick stalks along the bank

weave a line that holds

the lanterns returned to shore,

paper sheaths singed by flame,

smoke and ash floating

across the moon's changing face in the water --

shard, flask, a scrim of filament

and fossil  -- and across the open wild irises,

their yellow petals flared

like torches circling the lake.


                  -- Nancy Dickeman